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If you book Grace’s engineering workshop at your school, it is guaranteed to be led by Grace who makes the experience magical for children and is a qualified teacher herself. Grace and her equipment will come to your school so this saves on travel costs. Also, Grace’s engineering workshops don’t just cover one subject – children will take part in discussions and activities surrounding Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Head to the ‘contact’ page where you can fill in your details and a member of the enquires team will get back to you with a bespoke quote for you. Alternatively, send an e-mail with your requirements to and we will respond as soon as possible. Please bear in mind that all appearances and workshops will be run by Grace, so we will try our best to accommodate your location and preferred date – however please be understanding to the fact that this is why the workshop is not as flexible as others but is definitely more exhilarating! Bookings are made around Grace's schedule so we advise you book early in the hope you secure the date and time you would like for this unique experience.


The enquires team will contact you with details and a booking confirmation. This is how you know your booking is secured.



Please contact if you wish to cancel your school workshop. A 14 day notice period is required for all workshop cancellations or the full workshop price will be charged.



Yes! We really encourage school staff to take photographs on school camera equipment of any part of the workshop, for school use only. Please feel free to use the photographs you take for display in your school, school website or school social media. We will ask permission if we can take photographs on our officalgracewebb cameras also.




No. School’s pay in full after the workshop has taken place.

Your school will be sent an invoice which needs to be paid in full within 30 days of the workshop date. If the amount has not been paid in full within 30 days, then a 10% charge will be added to the invoice for each month that payment is outstanding.

A large area such as the school hall will be needed to run parts of the workshop, as well as access to a computer/projector to show slides and video clips. This is so children have enough space to gather round Grace’s machines and for later in the day where children will be testing and measuring their engineering. They will need a large space to be able to do this. A classroom is suitable for other parts of the workshop where children will be designing and building.


We will provide all specialist equipment – however teachers are asked to provide normal classroom equipment for children to use during the design and technology aspect of the workshop such as A4 paper, A3 paper, pencils, rulers, felt tips, scissors etc. For two of the sessions during the day, children will be working in pairs, this is to encourage discussion, team work and thinking skills. Class teachers should consider which children will be working together prior to the workshop day.



We have offices in South Lincolnshire and Greater Manchester, so if your schools are in this area then we will most likely travel to your school. If your school is outside of these areas, then don’t worry, we will still be more than happy to travel to you but this may incur a travel cost.


Children will have the chance to sit on two different machines, discuss their features and think about engineering concepts. Children will work in pairs to encourage discussion and begin to design and build their own model car. They will work through the design process of research, plan and then build. Children will then test out their cars and measure how fast they go. The can then evaluate their build and improve on this.


No – Just their normal school uniform is fine!

Approximate Costings:

Cost for 1 Full Day workshop for 60 children: £480

Cost for 1 Full Day workshop for 30 children: £255

Cost for Half Day workshop for 30 children: £225

Upon enquiry, please provide school address – there may be a travel cost depending on school location.

These costs are approximate. Please send your details to and the enquires team will discuss with you and create a quote to suit your school and needs. There may be opportunity for discount if your school decides to book 2 days or more of workshops.

Yes. Parents have expressed to us during our research that they would be willing to supplement some cost towards a STEM themed day, as they place high importance on these subjects. Also, some smaller schools may want to liaise with other schools to see how they could share the experience and therefore share the cost. Please contact to explore options for your school.

Very little! Head to the 'documents' page, where you can download and view our risk assessment. It is most definitely a fun, exciting and unforgettable day. 

Due to the global Coronavirus pandemic, we are putting measures in place to help stop the transmission of the virus and to protect children and staff. Head to the 'documents' page where you can view our Coronavirus Risk Assessment, where we have taken advice from to ensure our school visits are as safe as possible, with the help of school staff. 

Grace will be running the workshop for the day, but will also be joined by another member of the team. Teachers must stay with the children in their class at all times. Both Grace and members of 'officialgracewebb' work in accordance with the DfE 'Regulated Activity in Relation to Children: Scope' Document.

Why should I book this workshop over others that are on offer?

How do I make a booking?

What happens when I've booked a workshop at my school?

What do I do if I need to cancel a workshop?

Can I take photographs of Grace and the workshop?

What happens after the workshop has taken place?

Does my school need to pay a deposit?

Where in the school will the workshop take place?

Do class teachers need to provide anything on the day of the workshop?

Do you travel to my school's area?

What do children actually get to do on the day?

Do children need to wear special clothing?

How much does a workshop cost?

Is there a way to reduce the price?

How much risk is involved during the workshop?

Who will be attending my school with the workshop?

What measures are in place related to Covid-19?

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