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Run By: Grace Webb 

Appropriate Age: Primary (ideal for years 1-4)

AIM: The aim of the workshop is to engage children in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematical activities that motivate them to find answers, encourage them to work as a team and ask/answer questions to solve problems.

Workshop is protected by public liability insurance, risk assessment and workshop statement.

Please send your details to and the enquires team will discuss with you and create a quote to suit your school and needs.

ABOUT: Grace has worked within the education sector for over 6 years in many different roles such as class teacher, assistant headteacher and as a presenter of Cbeebies’ educational series ‘Amazing Machines’. Grace will be the workshop leader at your school, and along with her assistant, will deliver a unique and exciting STEM experience for children.

The full-day workshop would be ideal for 30-60 children to take part; however, arrangements can be made to suit more or less children. Children will have the opportunity to get up close to two different mini-machines as well as have the chance to build and test their own engineering. A large area such as the school hall will be needed to run parts of the workshop and access to a computer and projector to show slides and video clips. Teachers are also asked to provide normal classroom equipment for the children to use such as A4 paper, A3 paper, pencils, rulers, felt tips, scissors etc.

Delivered by a qualified teacher and expert in her field, the workshop is a success with students. This workshop is unique and only delivered by Grace herself, so book early to avoid disappointment!

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